How yachts are made ?

A boat is not built in a single day, but for this 10-meter boat, the 6-person crew spent 1,000 hours on it and now we go to the test and then some indiscreet questions.

The yacht specialist

Anyone who travels to the village of Viareggio, in northwestern Italy, may think that it is simply a tourist center. But its sandy beaches and umbrellas hide the other side of this city, which is the heart of the shipping industry. Some of the largest and most exclusive boats in the world are built. To build a yacht, no matter how small, you have to be super rich. Because here, everything is paid either by a gold bar with caviar as a tip for employees who do not return home until the yacht is on the sea. Last year, only 370 were sold in the world. But the revenues they generated were extraordinary for $3.9 billion. So far this year, the most expensive has been sold for 174 million US dollars, according to the data of the organization of superyachts Boat International.

A secular tradition

One of these immense vessels out of five is manufactured in Viareggio, which has become the business and the business works perfectly well. All the materials are bought in the private craftsmen, because each detail is unique therefore, there is no monotonous creation. And then the imaginations of its owner must be merged with the logic of the fleet. And we have a calculation well framed posted which each time must be respected for the boat does not exceed any limit. We do not calculate expenses when we build a yacht, because each professional is paid by the hour, so we cannot make mistakes.

In the end, you build a yacht and probably the most expensive toy in the world that is not at all like building cars, because it is very difficult to build a standardized boat.