Go for a cheap weekend at sea

The sunny days are coming to an end, that's why, we will have to make the most of it. So why not go for a weekend at sea? The ciotat boat rental lends itself very well to this prospect. Take advantage of our tips and tricks to be able to enjoy such a trip on the sea without having to pay a high price.

A few tips to spend a cheap weekend at sea

Admittedly, almost everyone has their own car, but isn't it more user-friendly to enjoy a trip by opting for the Drivy? This solution allows you to rent beautiful cars from Paris and at unbeatable prices. One thing is certain, your family and friends will appreciate being transported in such a pretty car while appreciating the beauty of the landscape and the comfort of the journey.

For your accommodation, you can also trust Bedycasa. Take for example, a trip to Split. Note that a large number of locals are registered. It is quite possible to go to sleep with one of them for only about 40 euros per night per person.

To travel to Split, you are also advised to rent a yacht charter split on the Samboat site. The cost of this rental fluctuates between 70 and 500 euros per day and depending on the type of boat rented. And if you do not have the license allowing you to take the helm or if you simply want to indulge in laziness, consider renting a boat with skipper or with a full crew. Prefer local skippers who will show you the right places where it would be right to go sailing and who will, at the same time, avoid places not recommended for newcomers who are not comfortable with the water or with water. marine environment of Split.

In short, you will realize after a brief calculation that such a project will cost you little by exploiting the tricks that we have just offered you.